Music Zone
Philips’ innovative Music Zone technology lets the driver and the passengers enjoy their music with more vivid spatial effect, just as the artist intended it to be heard. Users can easily switch the music listening zones from the driver to the passengers and back again to get the best sonic focus in the car. A dedicated zone control button provides three pre-defined settings - Left, Right and Front (and All) - so you can best match your listening needs easily and dynamically alone or with your passengers.

MAX Sound
MAX Sound technology produces an instant boost in bass and treble, maximizing volume performance and instantly creating the most impressive listening experience with just the touch of a button. Its sophisticated electronic circuitry calibrates existing sound and volume settings, instantly boosting bass, treble and volume beyond original maximum levels without distortion. The end result is a noticeable amplifying of both sound spectrum and volume and a potent audio boost that will add mileage to any music.

Built-in Bluetooth
Stay in continuous control with the Philips in-car system. Built-in Bluetooth lets you connect your iPhone to your car’s audio system so you can make or take phone calls hands-free, using the built-in microphone and the car’s speakers. It also lets you listen to all the music on your iPhone on your car’s speakers, without even having to dock your device. A stable connection and great sound quality ensure phone calls that are always clear. Philips lets you keep your eyes on the road, and your hands on the wheel - giving you a safer and more enjoyable drive.

Free Philips CarStudio app
The Philips CarStudio app brings a myriad of unique features to Philips docking stations. It lets you make hands-free calls with your Android phone and browse through your music collection. All the control buttons are large for easy access. Add on an interface that is simply intuitive, and you’ll find the app perfect for in-car use. Completely free, the app is available for download at the Google Play Store.

Retractable dock
Make your drive easier with the Philips in-car entertainment system. All you have to do is dock to transform your Android phone into a part of your car’s audio system. Troublesome connections and unsightly wires are all a thing of the past. Simply put your Android phone on the cradle and you’re ready to charge and play from it, and to make hands-free calls. You can even use the other functions that are available on your device – like navigation systems and location services. Take the easier route with Philips.